Creepy Crawlies: The 5 Most Common Types of Household Pests

Published December 30th, 2019 by Devteam

What household pests are living in your home? The answer might surprise you! 

While some of the most common pests are simply a nuisance, others pose real dangers and should be handled at first sight. Here are seven of the most common creepy crawlers in your home.


Ants are one of the most common pests found inside your home. They are very tiny and can squeeze through almost any opening.

In most cases, ants are just a nuisance as many species do not sting or bite, and they typically don’t pose any serious problems. 

You may have ants if you see an ant path, a nest or even just a few scurrying around. 

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small, oval insects with a yellow, black and white patterned shell. 

They feed on natural fabrics, milled products, dead insects, soiled clothing, pet food and more. 

Carpet beetles don’t bite humans but they do cause an itchy contact rash in some people.

You may have carpet beetles if you see the insect, damaged fabric or their shed skins. 


Cockroaches are one of the most common insects found in homes. 

They generally hide in cracks and come out at night to feed. 

These bugs spread 33 different kinds of bacteria that cause dysentery, food poisoning and more.

They also trigger allergies in children and people with asthma.

You may have cockroaches if you see shed skins, droppings or oddly-shaped brown smear marks.


Silverfish are small, silvery insects that resemble tiny fish moving in the water. 

They live in dark, damp places like basements and bathrooms. 

Silverfish feed off paper and fabric like silk and linen. They also eat glue and will damage books and wallpaper.

You may have silverfish if you see yellow stains on paper, tiny black droppings or damage to wallpaper, books, silk, linen, etc. 


Fleas are one of the most common house bugs.

These tiny, external parasites feed off warm-blooded animals and humans, causing painful and itchy bites.

They jump long distances and spread easily by jumping from host to host.

Fleas can spread tapeworm, cause an intense allergic reaction in some people and result in anemia in your animal due to loss of blood. 

You will know if you have a flea infestation by the bites but you also may see them jumping from surface to surface.     

Final Thoughts on Household Pests

If you are dealing with any of these household pests, we can help.

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