DIY or Call a Pro: How To Get Rid of Wasps

Published January 29th, 2020 by Devteam

With warmer weather on the horizon, you might be looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors. Unfortunately, so are many pests.

If you've ever seen a wasp nest around your house, you probably panicked as you tried to figure out how to get rid of wasps safely. Should you attack the nest with a pesticide or should you wait for reinforcements?

Although it's possible to remove wasp nests on your own, sometimes calling a professional pest control company is your best move. Keep reading to learn four wasp removal tips that can help you solve the problem yourself and learn when it's time to call a professional.

1. Use the Right Tools

Unlike bees, wasps don't lose their stinger after an attack. This means that if you try to get rid of wasps by yourself, you could wind up facing an angry swarm that doesn't stop stinging if you're unprepared. Baseball bats and sticks may be effective at destroying the nest itself, but they also do a great job of upsetting the wasps.  

Buying the best wasp sprays on the market can help you get the job done fast. Be sure to never stand under the nest while you spray because that's where the wasps crawl in and out. If you're uncomfortable working with powerful pesticides, wasp extermination companies have all of the necessary tools to eliminate the nest before the wasps can even come out and sting.

2. Be Aware of the Nest Location

Wasps like to build their nests in secure places. Roofs are a common nesting area because they provide shelter from the elements and other animals. Some nests are easy to reach with a stepping stool or small ladder, but it's important to assess the situation first. If the nest location is too high or tricky, you might want to call a pro you try to avoid falling and getting injured.

3. Protective Gear Is a Must

If you're brave enough to try getting rid of a wasp nest by yourself, you'll need to get dressed in lots of protective gear. High boots, gloves, goggles, and clothes that are thick and provide lots of coverage can help protect you from stings.

If you want to avoid all of the stress that comes with removing wasps from your home, you can be at peace knowing that professionals will come prepared with the right protective gear and powerful tools to make your home safe again.

4. Be Thorough

Lots of people who try to remove wasp nests by themselves make the mistake of attacking during the day when they're most active.

Although professionals can remove a nest during the day, inexperienced homeowners run the risk of leaving a few survivors behind. Any remaining wasps will stay around your property and build a new nest. This is why attacking the nest at night while all of the wasps are sleeping inside can help you get the job done easier. 

Do You Need Help Figuring Out How to Get Rid of Wasps?

Now that you know how to get rid of wasps, you can be prepared to do the job yourself or start researching the best local pest control companies near you.

If you're having pest problems near Huntsville, AL, Morton's Pest Control would love to help with any job. Contact us to learn more about our expert services and to schedule your appointment.

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