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Expert Pest Control In Albertville, AL

Albertville is a suburban-style city located in the heart of Alabama. It’s home to vineyards, museums, cultural centers, regional eateries, well-regarded public schools, fitness centers, and a variety of other important amenities. With the amount of heat and humidity that the area experiences, residents are likely to encounter pest problems no matter the time of year.

At Morton’s Pest Control, it’s our mission to protect our community from the pests that threaten them. Our expert Marshall County pest control is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management and employs only EPA-approved pesticides that are safe for people and the environment. Each of our technicians is highly trained and receives ongoing training so that we always remain on the cutting edge of pest control technology. We offer both general and pest-specific services and we will always do what it takes to guarantee your satisfaction. For more information on our services and to receive your free, no-obligation inspection, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Albertville

As a local family-owned and operated business, it’s our mission at Morton’s Pest Control to provide our Albertville neighbors with exceptional pest control services. Since our establishment in 2012, we have put friendly and knowledgeable service at the core of everything that we do. In our quest to provide family-friendly services, every product that we use is EPA-approved and we never follow an approach that we wouldn’t use in our own homes.

Our process begins with a detailed home inspection so that we can fully understand your concerns and the status of pest activity on your property. Then, we’ll discuss these findings and go over your treatment options that include both the interior and exterior. We’ll also work with you to set up a maintenance schedule so that you are always protected from pests. Our pest-specific offerings include treatments for spiders, ants, fleas and ticks, rodents, and cockroaches. No matter what issues are of concern to you, we will be there to help. For more information on our residential pest control services in Albertville, please contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Albertville

At Morton’s Pest Control, we have spent the last decade tending to the needs of our fellow local businesses by providing effective and customized pest control solutions. We always perform meticulous property inspections and make you a part of the process so that we’re always in conversation about your needs and the pests that linger around your property.

Each treatment that we provide you with utilizes EPA-approved products and follows Integrated Pest Management standards. This combination ensures that you benefit from long-lasting, pest-free results that we can adapt from season to season. Some of the treatments that we apply are granular baits, spot treatments, and liquid barriers. And with a recurring service plan, we will be able to guarantee a safe working environment for you throughout the year.

To learn more about protecting your business with commercial pest control services in Albertville, please call us today.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents On Your Albertville Property

It’s very common for people to try to eliminate the rodents that they notice in their Albertville property on their own; however, that’s highly inadvisable. If you experience any mice or rat populations on your property, the best thing that you can do is call the pros. Working with a pest expert provides you access to professional-grade products, bait stations, and traps. These methods ensure that rodents are drawn out and that they are not able to repopulate within your walls. They also address the entire scope of your infestation, which is hard to do alone because each nest can contain dozens of members. Getting rid of rodents swiftly also means less exposure to the health risks and property damage that they can cause.

At Morton’s Pest Control, we provide extensive rodent control services in Albertville that are humane and sustainable. We seal up entry points and set up bait stations and set traps, all of which we monitor on a regular basis. This allows us to maintain your safety and deter future populations from developing. For more information on these rodent services, please contact us today.

Five Simple Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Albertville Home

Spiders may be easily attracted to the conditions that your Albertville home produces but with five quick tips, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Try these hints to deter spiders:

  1. Seal up openings. Keep window screens in good condition, insert door sweeps where they are needed, and fill cracks with silicone-based caulk. 
  2. Address moisture. Look for leaks or plumbing issues both inside and outside in areas like faucets and gutters.
  3. Maintain cleanliness. Inside of the home, eliminate all pockets of clutter, clean up crumbs, and take out the trash before it overflows. 
  4. Keep a tidy yard. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home, clear away leaves and any fallen branches, and mow the lawn routinely.
  5. Seek professional help. Spiders can be a tricky pest to prevent because of all of the factors that attract them, which is why routine services from a pest control professional are so beneficial. 

For more information on spider control in Albertville, contact Morton’s Pest Control today.