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Ant Control In Huntsville, AL

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Effective Ant Control For Your Huntsville Home

Ants are common pests in the Huntsville area and are considered a nuisance rather than harmful. However, that doesn't mean they belong inside your home. Ants are capable of building colonies that host hundreds, if not thousands, of ants.

The sheer size of ant colonies leads to you quickly becoming overrun if they invade your home. At Morton's Pest Control, we have the training and equipment needed to eliminate ant problems from your Huntsville home, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve!

Our Huntsville, AL Ant Control Process

We take your ant infestation seriously, which is why we've created a proven ant control process that begins with a thorough inspection. During our inspection, our technicians look for the source of activity, ant infestation severity, and the best methods of eliminating the ants from the premises.

Once the inspection is complete, we'll get to work on your treatment. Our treatment methods vary, but generally, we'll use:

  • Gel bait
  • Liquid
  • Dust
  • Granules bait/dust

What we use depends on our findings, where the ants are located, if we can reach them, and other determining factors.

Ant Prevention Tips That Work

Due to their large numbers, ant control is nearly impossible without professional intervention. Fortunately, ant prevention is much easier to accomplish. Below are some prevention tips that work:

  • Thorough cleaning of major house areas
  • Limiting food sources
  • Limiting water sources
  • Sealing all entry points
  • Minimizing storage
  • Eliminating clutter
  • Wiping down observed ant trails with soap and water

Sometimes, even the best efforts fail to prevent an ant infestation. In those situations, the best move is to seek professional ant control solutions that can eliminate today's infestation while preventing future pest problems from occurring. Say goodbye to your ant problems for good when you team up with Morton's Pest Control. Contact us now to learn about our residential and commercial pest control programs in Huntsville, and get started on becoming ant-free!