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What Does A Vole In Huntsville Look Like?

There are many different kinds of rodents that call Huntsville home. It is important to know how to identify which one of these common rodents may be destroying your lawn and garden so that your local pest professionals will be able to customize their treatment appropriately:

  • Size: Voles are rather large, usually growing to between five and eight inches long, making them much larger than the mice you might see out in your yard, but their size also makes it easy to mistake them for rats. The body of a vole is compact.

  • Tails: One of the more defining characteristics of voles is that, unlike mice and rats, they have rather short tails, which helps differentiate them from other rodents in Huntsville.

  • Teeth: Voles have prominent orange teeth, which help them constantly gnaw on plant roots and stems.

  • Other features: Voles have partially hidden ears and very small eyes.

If you have spotted rodents on your property that match this description, contact our team for professional vole control.

How Do You Get Voles In Your Yard?

The first step to controlling these rodents in your yard and garden is to understand what attracts them to it in the first place. Ultimately, these yard rodents are looking for a safe place to breed, eat, and live. A yard with woodpiles and excess brush or mulch is very appealing to voles, as it serves as the shelter they are looking for to reproduce safely. If you don’t mow your lawn regularly, this could also be a reason you see more rodents. Additionally, if there is a heavy vegetative cover in your lawn or garden, voles will be attracted to it like a magnet, as it serves as the perfect place to hide and live while also providing a food source.

Signs Of Voles In Your Garden

If your garden is suffering from yard rodents, there will be a handful of distinct signs indicating their presence. Below are some of the things you will see if voles have set up shop in your garden:

  • Dead plants: Because voles feed on your plants, if you notice a higher number of dead plants, this could be a sign of voles. Pull the dead plant up; if no root structure remains, this is a sure sign that voles are at work.

  • Gnaw marks: Take a close look at the stems of your plants. Are there notable marks on them? These marks could indicate voles, as they use their big teeth to gnaw on stems and stalks.

  • Burrows: Voles burrow in the ground, creating golf ball-sized holes in your yard and garden and at the base of trees. These holes do not have mounding soil around them.

  • Suspiciously short grass: If there are voles in your garden, there will also be voles in your yard, and vice versa. If you notice that patches of grass in your yard are strangely short, this could also mean that voles are there.

Any of these signs could point towards a vole problem on your property. Get in touch with Mortons Pest Control today for a professional inspection.

How To Keep Voles Away For Good! 

Whenever a pest shows up in your yard or home, it’s always tempting to just buy some over-the-counter products and try to take care of the issue yourself. However, we do not recommend this, as these treatments and traps rarely eradicate the whole infestation. Here at Mortons Pest Control, our expert technicians are armed with the skills, knowledge, and tools required to safely and effectively remove all voles from your property. We believe that pest control in Huntsville should be a friendly, customer-oriented experience. If voles are terrorizing your yard and garden, don’t wait — call us today!

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