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Signs Of A Tick Infestation

If yards have a heavy population of ticks, then homeowners might find themselves experiencing frequent tick visits. Since ticks don't fly, they use people or pets to hitch a ride into area homes. A tick infestation can occur when even one solitary tick leaves its habitat and enters your property. Once there, ticks can reproduce. Each female can lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime. Once hatched, ticks search for a warm body with a healthy blood supply. Seeing them on your body or attached to your pet is a sign of infestation.

Areas ticks gravitate to when siphoning blood include:

  • Behind the knees

  • In the groin area

  • Under the arms (armpits)

  • Within your hair

  • In your belly button

  • In your ears

  • In your pet's fur

A large population of ticks outside can lead to an increase in bites. With high-quality tick treatments from Mortons Pest Control, homeowners can establish a barrier around their property to help deter ticks.

Tick Bites Can Be Very Dangerous

Property owners may wonder how a tiny tick bite can prove dangerous. Ticks are parasites that feed off of hosts. If a tick feeds off a host carrying a pathogen, it can transfer that pathogen through the saliva it injects into your bloodstream. Lone Star, black-legged, and American dog ticks are typical in Huntsville. Some diseases associated with these three tick species include Lyme disease, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, B. miyamotoi disease (a kind of relapsing fever), tick paralysis, Heartland virus, Powassan virus, Bourbon virus, and southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI). Ticks on your property can cause some significant problems with your health. Quality tick protection services from Mortons Pest Control can help prevent tick visits and protect your family's health and welfare.

How To Remove Factors That Can Cause A Tick Infestation

Since ticks depend on others for transportation, they tend to hang out in woodlands, areas of vegetation, and grassy areas where they can catch a ride on people or animals. As their victim passes, they climb on for a ride. Keeping your yard well-maintained can do much to eliminate potential tick infestations.

Five tick prevention tips that help keep ticks away from yards include:

  1. Keep leaf litter cleaned up, remove yard debris, and reduce weeds.

  2. Reduce vegetation around yard edges and fence lines.

  3. Trim grasses around swing sets, sheds, and shrubs.

  4. Keep woodpiles dry and away from homes.

  5. Prevent pets from roaming in the woods and use vet-approved tick treatments.

While taking proactive steps to avoid ticks in Huntsville is always wise, these pests are crafty hitchhikers that can find various ways to enter your property. To ensure you have the best protection against ticks, homeowners should enlist the help of Mortons Pest Control for effective tick control solutions.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Tick Control

Mortons Pest Control is local to Madison County and is family-owned and operated. Our 30 years of experience in the pest industry make us the best choice for effective tick control services. Ongoing training ensures our technicians are ready and able to solve even your most challenging pest issues. We use EPA-approved products to ensure you and your pets stay safe while we handle your pest and tick issues. Need help with tick control and prevention? Contact Mortons Pest Control today for a free inspection.

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