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Sure Signs Of A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

Mice actually prefer to live in man-made structures, as it offers them the most protection and warmth. Mice are especially eager to move into Huntsville properties during the colder months or in times of foul weather.

Sure signs of mice infestation in your home include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Gnaw marks, as rodents need to continuously chew to keep their large, ever-growing incisors filed down.

  • An ammonia-like odor is present as mice urinate in and around your home to communicate with one another.

  • Droppings; mice droppings are usually small, dark, rod-shaped pellets with pointed ends. They are most often found around baseboards, beneath furniture, and around pantries or cupboards.

  • Burrows or nests are found in or around the home. Mice will often build these in the walls, an attic, or a basement. Sometimes they are visible and typically consist of insulation, paper, or fabric.

  • Rub marks, which appear as oil smears against your walls.

  • Seeing mice is the most obvious sign of a problem. You will often see mice in the same areas over and over again, as they prefer to stick to well-known routes.

Identifying that you have a pest problem is the first step. Now, it's time to think about how a mice infestation can cause issues for your health.

Why Mice In Your Huntsville Home Is A Major Health Risk

Mice in the home is an unsavory thought. They chew and damage your belongings and potentially cause property damage. An often forgotten problem that mice bring when they infest a home, is the health risk. As mice get into food storage, they contaminate it with the bacteria that they carry on their feet and in their fur. Mice have been known to carry and transmit Salmonella in this way. Salmonella is a bacterial disease that causes gastrointestinal issues. Symptoms can include fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Microdroplets of mouse feces and urine can also become airborne and cause other health issues, especially in the very young or very old.

Why Mouse Traps Aren't Enough To Get Rid Of An Infestation

With the illness and destruction that mice can cause, you may want to run out right away and purchase mouse traps. Unfortunately, those often are not enough to get rid of a mouse infestation. Mice are quick learners and will learn to avoid the areas in your home with traps. This will only serve to drive them to a different part of the property. Furthermore, some mice have learned how to remove tasty morsels from traps without setting them off. Additionally, mice are prolific breeders, and will often produce more offspring than you can get rid of. 

The Most Effective Mouse Control For Your Huntsville Home

There is no need to stress over mice in the home. A professional pest control company, like Morton’s Pest Control, can make short work of any infestation and keep mice away for good. We offer inspections, multiple treatment options, and follow-up to ensure that your mouse infestation is completely resolved. For fast, quality pest control, give Morton’s Pest Control a call today.

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