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Avoiding spiders in your home doesn’t have to be impossible. With assistance from Morton’s Pest Control, you can get spider control that protects you from the risk of a scary bite. Learn how we can protect your home today with pest control services in Huntsville.

Spider Behavior: How They Hunt, Feed, And Mate

Spiders invade properties because there is food for them to hunt. Unlike other bugs that will scour your home for crumbs, scraps, and spills, spiders instead hunt other pests. That means their presence is usually evidence of larger pest infestations.

This is what makes house spiders so common, and why they can quickly spread throughout a property. It doesn’t take long for a spider population to turn your yard and interior into their own personal hunting ground.

Expert pest control helps you avoid this cycle and clamp down on all types of spiders. Contact Morton’s Pest Control to see how we can help you get rid of spiders and avoid them invading in the first place.

Symptoms Of Spider Bites: What To Expect And How To Treat

Most spiders prefer to stay outdoors and in damp, woody environments. But when they get indoors, spiders can pose direct threats to people and pets. Common spider bites don’t lead to anything more than an itchy and possibly painful welt on the skin, which can be treated with some topical cream and antibiotic ointments.

But other spider species can pack a more dangerous punch with their bites, like black widows and brown recluses. More severe symptoms can accompany bites from these species, and you should seek medical attention if you start to notice any of the following:

  • Nausea and dizziness: As spider venom works its way through your bloodstream, you might start to feel ill and exhibit symptoms like nausea or dizziness. 

  • Numbness and tingling: Numbness or tingling near the site of the bite can occur, but it can also spread throughout your muscles and to other parts of the body. This is a sure sign of more potent spider venom. 

  • Trouble breathing: One of the more serious side effects of spider venom is respiratory issues.

Avoid these troubles entirely by getting started on total spider protection for your Huntsville home. Get spider control from Morton’s Pest Control.

Preventing Spiders From Coming Inside: Effective Prevention Techniques

Because they are such scary and undesirable pests, it’s important to take spider prevention steps regularly, not just when you’re already spotting spider activity around your home.

Here are some of the best Huntsville spider control techniques you should think about implementing around your Huntsville home:

  • Access points: Spiders take advantage of small cracks or holes around your home and foundation. They also crawl through torn window screens or spaces below your doors. Inspecting your home with an eye for these kinds of access points is a smart pest control step. 

  • Landscaping and storage: Spider populations tend to form in our yards first, then move inside or cling to our structure’s exterior. To reduce the likelihood of this, keep plants trimmed and away from exterior walls and windows, and never store firewood or other yard debris near your home. 

  • General pest control: Because spiders will be drawn to wherever there are other pests to hunt, get general home pest control treatments to make sure no other populations are forming in or around your home. 

Morton’s Pest Control can help with these and many other spider control steps. If they’ve already invaded your property, we’ve got ways to get rid of spiders quickly and completely, so contact us right away.

Professional Pest Control: A Great Spider Control Solution

It can be daunting trying to maintain your yard year-round and address the factors that might attract spiders and other pests to your property. That’s why partnering with local spider control experts is the simplest and most effective form of protection you can get for your Huntsville home.

At Morton’s Pest Control, we inspect your entire property for signs of spiders or the pests they hunt, and we can implement treatments and other direct services to discourage and drive off spider populations. This kind of defense against spiders is better than what DIY methods can provide, and might even save you from a scary trip to the emergency room to deal with a spider bite.

Reach out to Morton’s Pest Control today for help with spiders and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Huntsville.

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