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Bed bug

Fortunately, unlike ticks or mosquitoes that bite humans, bed bugs are not associated with dangerous health conditions. Bed bugs are among the most challenging types of pests to thoroughly eliminate, and seeking assistance from a trained professional is recommended. 

Are you living with bed bugs? After contacting an experienced Huntsville pest control company, they will deploy a specialist who knows how to draw out bed bugs and how to control a bed bug infestation safely. 

How To Identify A Bed Bug?

How tiny are bed bugs? Adult bed bugs usually measure four to five millimeters in length. The body of a bed bug is flat, oval, and appears in shades of red or brown. As wingless creatures, bed bugs rely on their legs to crawl. 

Are you wondering how to check for bed bugs? As they travel, bed bugs will leave several signs of their presence. Look for tiny red blood stains or dark spots of feces on bedding materials. Females produce small white eggs that can adhere to sheets, mattresses, and pillowcases. 

People coping with a bed bug infestation often notice bite marks on their skin that are red, irritated, and itchy. Bite victims must avoid excessively scratching at the skin, as this may result in opening a wound and creating a secondary infection. 

Bed Bug Infestations Only Get Worse With Time

Following a blood meal, female bed bugs may generate dozens of eggs. Before reaching adulthood, immature bed bugs known as nymphs appear, which have a white or yellow appearance until they begin ingesting blood. 

In many cases, people will initially delay or fail to take prompt action to treat a minor bed bug problem and soon find that a full-blown infestation exists.  Keep in mind that bed bugs usually remain hidden during the day; however, once a major infestation develops, access to food sources might be scarce and more bugs may be visible seeking a blood meal. 

How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Unlike the majority of household pests that reside in outdoor areas surrounding the property and infiltrate a home through cracks, crevices, and other openings, an occupant’s belongings are most often what introduce bed bugs to their new home. Some of the most common scenarios are as follows: 

  • Travelers that stay in hotel rooms often encounter bed bugs. The pests may climb into bundles of clothing, suitcases, purses, or other items. 

  • People using forms of mass transit, including trains and buses, may also unknowingly have exposure to bed bugs. 

  • In some cases, bed bugs will crawl into adjacent apartments once inside multi-unit buildings.

  • Bed bugs might also enter a home inside second-hand furniture. 

Individuals that are returning from overnight trips should promptly inspect their belongings for any evidence of bed bugs before reentering their homes.  

The Most Effective Bed Bug Control For Huntsville Homes

Did you know that in addition to bed bugs, the experts with Morton’s Pest Control also eradicate problems with ants, cockroaches, rodents, and many other troublesome and potentially noxious creatures that make their way indoors? Our team attributes part of our sustained history of success to a commitment to offering top-quality customer service. We also stand firmly behind the quality of our performance with a satisfaction guarantee. 

Our technicians adhere to a basic formula for achieving positive outcomes that begins with performing a comprehensive interior and exterior property inspection. We then clearly explain the best available treatment options and answer any questions that you have. After completing our service, we will diligently follow up and ensure the problem is solved. 

Contact us today for an assessment.

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