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Pest Control In Hollywood, AL

Hollywood is a small Jackson County town in Northeast Alabama and a suburb of Scottsboro. It was first incorporated on May 24, 1897, making it the first incorporated Hollywood in the United States. With fewer than 1,000 residents, it's a quaint and relaxing town for families to settle down.

The most important aspects of a family home are comfort and security. Pests can impact both aspects when they invade your house. These intruders can make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe by causing damage and presenting health risks. Hollywood pest control professionals can limit these problems to keep your home and family safe.

Our Morton's Pest Control technicians live and work in the area, so they know the pests that threaten your home. These experts are standing by to protect your Hollywood home from potential infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Hollywood

A pest infestation can be a troublesome experience for homeowners. They sneak in through tiny cracks or crevices, hiding in hard-to-see parts of your house. They'll cause damage in hidden places and leave potential health concerns while you sleep. Hollywood residential pest control professionals can help you stay ahead of potential issues.

When you call Morton's Pest Control, our technicians start with an exterior inspection and work their way inside. We begin with areas where you see pest activity and move on to commonly-infested areas, like doorways, kitchens, and bathrooms. Our goal is to remove sources of food, water, and shelter to make your home less hospitable for them.

Following our customized treatment, we'll discuss what we found and how you can prevent pests from invading in the future. Call us today if pests have invaded your Hollywood home.

Commercial Pest Control In Hollywood

Keeping a business operating at its best takes time and money, so you don't want anything hindering production. Pests can be drawn to commercial facilities by several aspects and are hard to keep out when staff and customers are constantly entering and exiting. These visitors can cause damage and are health risks to anyone inside.

Commercial pest control in Hollywood is a constant need for business owners in Hollywood. Morton's Pest Control technicians will search your property for pests, entry points, and factors that might attract them. We personalize our treatment for your specific needs, increasing the chances of success.

A lingering infestation can cost money and limit production. Our technicians have the tools to remove pests from your facility and provide protection from future infestations. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help your business.

Practical Tips To Prevent Future Flea Infestations In Your Hollywood Home

Fleas are typically carried onto Hollywood properties by wild animals. They hide in tall grass and ride dogs and cats into your home. They can also invade houses on items left outside. Once indoors, they can bite animals and people, potentially spreading illnesses to both. For these reasons, fleas are a threat to any Hollywood home.

It's hard to get rid of fleas once they invade your property. They have exceptional jumping ability to attach to pets and are small enough to avoid detection until they bite. However, there are some ways you can keep these pests from getting into your house, including:

  • Vacuum your floors regularly
  • Avoid allowing rodents or wildlife on your property
  • Keep your lawn cut short
  • Give your pets year-round flea medication
  • Wash pet bedding regularly
  • Bathe your pets regularly

If these tips don't prevent fleas from getting into your house, you'll need help from flea control professionals. At Morton's Pest Control, we'll treat your entire property, starting with your lawn, gardens, and landscaping. We'll apply a liquid treatment and aerosol material indoors to remove these bugs and keep others from invading your home.

We customize our plans for each customer but recommend biannual treatments if fleas are a recurring problem. Let us know if fleas are causing problems around your property so we can protect your family with our flea control services in Hollywood.

Rodent Control The Easy Way In Hollywood

The most common rodents in Hollywood are Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. These pests invade structures for food and water and to avoid cold weather in the winter. When they get inside, they'll cause damage by chewing on wires or cables and spread illnesses to occupants.

Keeping rats and mice off properties is hard because they can fit through quarter-sized holes and survive in various conditions. But you can limit the number of rats and mice that enter by taking preventative steps, including:

  • Remove food sources
  • Trim grass and shrubs
  • Wipe up spills
  • Fix leaks
  • Trim branches within three feet of the building

Rodents can cause multiple problems when they invade Hollywood properties. Morton's Pest Control can protect you from rodents by closing entry points and removing attractants. We use traps and baits to remove existing rodents and customize our services for your situation. Give us a call if rodents are causing problems for you, and get started on our effective rodent control services in Hollywood.