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What are ants?

Ants are pests that most homeowners will find invading their yards, gardens, or houses at one time or another. At first, you may only see a couple wandering about, but soon you will see many. Ants are social insects that live in large colonies with hundreds or thousands of members. An ant colony has many hungry mouths to feed, which is why they are constantly searching for food; unfortunately for us, our properties more often than not have the food these omnivores are looking for. Setting up some pest prevention measures for your Huntsville home is the key to keeping ants away. 

ants on wood

Are ants dangerous?

Ants are small and easily squished, but their ability to take over properties in large numbers, contaminate food, and spread bacteria to surfaces make them unwanted guests on our Alabama properties.

Though most ants are described as nuisance pests, we need to guard against two ant species in our region. The first problem ant is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants build their nests inside wood; when they decide to nest in our home's structural wood, their nesting habits can cause costly damage if they are not promptly eliminated.

The second ant species in our region to be on the lookout for is the pharaoh ant. Pharaoh ants spread particularly dangerous bacteria and pathogens to people like salmonella and dysentery.

Contacting a professional to identify which ants have found their way to your property and eliminate them is the best way to get rid of these pests and protect your home and family from the problems and dangers they bring with them!

Why do I have an ant problem?

The ant's ability to communicate we each other is the biggest reason you have a problem with ants. All it takes is one scout ant looking for food to discover an open trash container on your property for a full-blown infestation to occur. Ants create pheromone trails to help other colony members identify food sources. You could walk outside in the morning and see no ant activity, and then in the afternoon, you'll find a trash can next to your home covered in ants!

Where will I find ants?

Ants are not reclusive creatures; they are out and about during the day happily foraging for food to bring back to the nest. As they move through our homes, they walk over counters, floors, tables, along walls, and across window sills.

Ants will nest in a variety of places depending on their species. Most prefer to nest outside either in wood, damp soil, open grassy areas, or under things like mulch, rock piles, or woodpiles.

Though most ants do like to nest outside, they are also well-known to expand their colony by nesting within the walls of our homes. Most build their nests in wall voids near water pipes, windows, doors, and other locations that are close to moist areas. Crawlspaces, attics, and vents also can provide ants with suitable nesting spots.

How do I get rid of ants?

If you have ever tried to get rid of ants on your own, you know just how difficult a task it is. The best way to handle an ant infestation is to reach out to a professional for assistance. Ant control professionals in Huntsville know what ants are invading your property, where they are nesting, and provide the treatments necessary to eliminate the infestation.

Don't let ants share your home for another day; reach out to Morton's Pest Control. We will provide you with high-quality services, and we always use EPA-approved products that will rid your property of ants and keep them from returning while keeping your family safe. Discover why we are the right choice for your Huntsville home pest control and commercial exterminator needs by giving us a call today!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

Since ants typically move into our homes searching for food, removing as much access to food as possible is a great way to keep these pests at bay:

  • Regularly vacuum floors and furniture to remove crumbs.
  • Store pantry items in hard-sided containers with airtight lids.
  • Store perishables in the refrigerator.
  • Never leave pet food out longer than necessary.
  • Regularly pull out and clean under large appliances.
  • Try to keep eating limited to the kitchen or dining room to keep crumbs from being strewn around your house.

In addition to limiting their access to food, keep ants out of your home by sealing entry points. Regularly inspect your home and seal up any cracks you discover in its exterior. Also, replace damaged weatherstripping, repair loose screens, and place mesh covers over vents leading into your home.

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