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Friendly Pest Control In Rainsville, AL

A small town with a friendly, welcoming community, Rainsville offers residents a peaceful daily life close to the larger cities of Huntsville and Chattanooga. Residents can take advantage of the many local businesses and restaurants while still having access to outdoor recreational areas. However, pests can easily invade local homes and businesses, making local pest control necessary.

DeKalb County pest control provided by Morton’s Pest Control is exactly what Rainsville residents need to stay safe from all pests. Our team will work with you to determine your property's best pest control plan, effectively eliminating active pest issues and protecting you from future problems.

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Residential Pest Control In Rainsville

There’s nothing worse than pests invading your Rainsville home and making it a safe, unhygienic space. In these cases, pest control is necessary to ensure that your loved ones stay safe and healthy and that you don’t interact with insects or rodents. That’s where Morton’s Pest Control comes in – our team of knowledgeable technicians is ready to address any pest issue on your property.

We develop individualized treatment plans for each residential pest control client, as tailored services are the best way to remove a pest problem effectively. With our help, we will eliminate every active pest around your home and the conditions conducive to pest infestations, keeping your home safe in the long term.

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Commercial Pest Control In Rainsville

Our expert technicians know how important it is to keep pests far away from your Rainsville commercial property. After all, we are a local, family-owned business, and we know how much work goes into running your commercial property daily. We strive to provide you with the most effective and reliable pest control possible for your Rainsville business because you deserve to keep your operations successful in a stress-free atmosphere.

All of our commercial pest control plans are unique and perfectly tailored to your property’s needs. We know that pest control doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, so we discuss your pest control needs with you and develop treatment plans based on our observations. We provide ongoing treatments as needed, and we will make sure that you are in the loop every step of the way as we make your property pest-free.

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When To Expect Fleas and Ticks Around Rainsville Homes And Yards

Fleas and ticks in Rainsville are never welcome visitors, and if you’re noticing an increase in these parasitic insects around your yard, chances are, you’re not alone. Fleas and ticks tend to come out during the warmer months, with summer and the first fall months being the most popular active times. However, warm climates in southern states can often encourage fleas and ticks to stay put year-round, increasing your need for flea and tick protection.

Signs that fleas and ticks have moved in around your Rainsville home or yard include seeing an increased number of this pest on yourself or any pets around your home, itchy bites caused by fleas, or tick bites that leave painful, itchy, and swollen areas. Because fleas and ticks can cause many health problems due to disease transmission via their bites on humans and animals, it’s crucial to contact Morton’s Pest Control when you detect these pests around your property.

Rainsville Property Owners' Handy Guide To Effective Rodents Control

Once rodents invade your Rainsville property, they can spread disease and cause a large amount of property destruction, which needs professional rodent control. You can supplement rodent removal by following these prevention tips that help to deter rodents from moving back onto your property:

  • Prevent rodents from invading interior areas by sealing cracks around windows, doors, the foundation, and the roof. Utilize door and window screens, mesh screens across vented areas, and weather stripping to keep this pest out.
  • Reduce your property’s desirability by keeping tight-fitting lids on trash cans around your property and by sealing trash bags tightly. This both reduces the aroma of food and deters rodent scavenging.
  • Never leave leftover food out around your home and clean food and drink spills immediately, in addition to cleaning dirty dishes promptly, as the aroma of left-out food is a significant rodent attractant.
  • Remove rodent harborage areas outdoors by cutting back long grasses, removing yard debris, and storing wood piles far away from the foundation of your property.

If you have any more questions about rodent control, contact Morton’s Pest Control today and learn how our team of expert technicians can help.